About us

The trust is outcome of a sad event which shook all of us closely associated with our dear friend Manoj Jain of Mechanical (1981), who departed for heavenly abode on 31st August, 2014 after fighting the deadly disease for seven years + with smiles & courage and setting an example to the society of undeterred faith in nature and love keeping all his sorrows & difficulties behind him. The following founding trustees are life members of the trust –

Executive Board of Trust

  1. Sunil Kumar Agarwal, (Industrial) – President
  2. Pushp Khetarpal, (Chemical) – Vice-President
  3. Alok Kumar Agarwal, (E&C) – Secretary
  4. Raghvendra Singh, (Metallurgy) – Jt. Secretary
  5. Sushil Mithal, (Chemical) – Treasurer
  6. Sharad Bajpai, (Mechanical) – Executive Member
  7. Alok Goyal, (Civil) – Executive Member
  8. Devesh Singh, (Industrial) – Executive Member
  9. Amit Ghoshal, (Architecture) – Executive Member
  10. Anil Sharma, (Architecture) – Executive Member

Trust Life Members

Sunil Kumar Agarwal
Alok Kumar Agarwal
Sushil Mithal
Raghvendra Singh
Sharad Bajpai
Pushp Khetarpal
Bipin Jain
Alok Goyal
Devesh Singh
Sanjay Kumar Randhar
Amit Ghoshal
Atul Law
Anil Sharma